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[Fwd: [cooperix-status] status of cooperix bandwidth]

From: Russell McOrmond <russell@flora.ca>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 22:26:22 -0500

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Subject: [cooperix-status] status of cooperix bandwidth
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 20:19:37 -0500
From: Michael Richardson
Reply-To: status -at cooperix.net
To: status -at- cooperix.net

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We had a significant set back today: we were unable to re-establish an
SDSL connection with Cybersurf.

To recap:
until June 2005 we had a 4MB/s SDSL to Ottix/Cybersurf
   		         4MB/s SDSL to Istop
			 1/2Mb/s ADSL to Storm.

As many of you know, istop went out of business in late June 2005.
We have been struggling to replace that bandwidth economically.

After exhausting many possibilities, we decided that we would upgrade
our connection between 309 Cooper and Ottix to 10Mb/s, ideally using
4-pairs of copper, and newer DSL technologies. We learnt in early
January that our product of choice, the Speedtouch 615 was not yet in
production, and would become available in mid-March.

In mid-January we also learnt that Ottix would have to vacate from 102
Bank Street, but would be moving to 264 Albert and 250 Albert
Street. 264 Albert Street had plenty of space, but possible access
issues (it isn't neutral space), while 250 Albert Street (Storm's rack)
would have very limited space, but was neutral space.

We decided after trying to do business with Rogers/Telus/Sprint (who
owns 264 Albert), that we would order Bell lines in. That went fine to
the Bell demark, and Rogers was prepared to cross connect us. It came to
pass that the cost for doing this was $1200 + $300/month. To cross a
room. We declined, planning to just get lines to 250 Albert Street.

We learnt this week that it turns out that Storm leases the space from
Rogers, and Rogers has declared it a CLEC, and so we would face the same

Okay, but for now, we expected to get an SDSL to Cybersurf's new
location at 71 bank street. That would have brought us back to three
connections: -cybersurf, -ottix (+transit from someone),
- -storm. Unfortunately, only 1-pair was ordered by mistake, with an
install date of today, and we have to be out of 102 Bank street by
Saturday March 25.

Today, we tried to make use of that 1-pair with two different sets of
SDSL modems, and neither would sync up at 2Mb/s. We will try again on
Monday at 1Mb/s and 1.5Mb/s, but we are not hopeful --- even if it
works, that won't be enough.

We will make a decision by March 30, 2006 as to whether or not continue
with Cooperix. If we do, we will be expanding. This will mean:
      a) fibre connection with at least two feeds (one at Ottix)
      b) enough air-conditioning to triple the number of machines
      c) enough electrical power to support this

It is possible that if Telecom Ottawa and Rogers do not work something
out that Ottix will close shop.  If that occurs, it is not likely that
will continue.

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