Early in January I sent this Email as a clarification of the relationship with Netshooter.

A full list of virtual domains on that server shows some of the customers of Netshooter.

As one of the technical team at Netshooter, and the person who is working from my office here in Ottawa, Canada, I will try to answer some of your questions.

> Can U highlight the benefits of remote management of
> a web server co located abroad with any such service provider..have we
> got someon in India doing that ..(using Linux??)

Bandwidth is the largest issue. In India bandwidth is still quite expensive (Compared to North America), and with all the new service providers just now opening, the connectivity between them may not be that great.

Netshooter's solution is to outsource the bandwidth and some server maintenance to myself. We have a number of servers here that can handle various operations, with one primary server that will be co-located on a high-bandwidth ISP. All our servers are Linux based, and we have Linux experience that extends back to 1994 (Before RedHat and many of the newer distributions even existed).

It should be understood that even though the main public Internet server is located in Canada, that Netshooter is an Indian company that will be able to understand and handle any of the needs of a customer in India. Unlike some other Western companies, I personally have family ties in India with my wife's parents both being born in villages just north of Calcutta. This type of a connection can often reassure anyone worried about the 'foreign' aspect of using bandwidth here: there will always be ways around any attempts by any foreign governments to limit our operations.

Our limitations? We believe in good quality and reliable network services which brought us to rely on Open Source software for our operations. This will mean that any requests for proprietary software solutions may not be able to be honored : we want to be able to stand behind the services we are offering, and having full source code and our internal ability to repair any problems quickly is part of that offering.

One example that is sometimes requested is access to Microsoft's 'Active Server Pages'. The reliability and security of such a system is poor. We have found, however, that all the features of the ASP server, including full database connectivity, is available on Open Source products such as the PHP language. The user base of this product is quite large, and thus updates and bug fixes are quite regular. Given a set of requirements we will be able to create the appropriate service offering.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what we are offering, and from there we can now get details on your needs. All the obvious services are offered:

Website hosting
CGI/PHP/etc server-side scripting, including SQL database access.
Email (SMTP, POP, Majordomo mailing lists)
As a Linux user yourself you will likely hear about new products that we might want to evaluate for inclusion in our service. Security and reliability will always be verified, but we will be open to adding new services.

Back to India (I wish ;-)
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