In December 1998 I want on a trip to India for family, personal, and a bit of business. I went again in December 2000.

Short "Executive summary" of the Trip

I found the India that I went to see - a country of millions of Mashi and Mesho's (Bengali for Aunt and Uncle's), some of which were blood relatives of Rina, pretty much all of who treated me like family. What I saw of India, both the the good and the bad, made sense to me given what I already knew before going (Population, technology and trade embargoes from the west, Largest democracy in the world, cultural differences, languages, etc). To say that I fell in love with India would be an understatement.
Pictures from my trip
I only recently had a chance to scan a few, and still haven't been able to write a little bit about each one. I am making them available early for the curious.
Netshooter partnership
Before I left I subscribed to the Linux-india mailing list to try to connect with some similar-minded people while in India. While in Delhi I met with a number of people from the Delhi Linux Users group. Sudhir Gandotra and I connected on many levels and we have now decided to do some project partnering.
Happy Republic Day, Linux
In a timing coincidence, the latest Linux 2.2.0 was released on the eve of India's Republic day!
Indian Linux Users Group, Calcutta
With family in Calcutta I wanted to make high-tech friends there that I would be able to visit when in Calcutta. I have offered hosting and any other support I can for this users group, and have gained many friends in exchange.
A broshure was produced by the Deshantari of Ottawa-Carleton that contained a few articles and advertisements to help pay for the Puja.
The Durga Puja picture that may never again be possible
I took a picture at 2004 Durga Puja, and used it in an article discussing a specific legal reform in Canada.

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