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An introductory article has been posted to I also used the same slides for a visit to a high-school as a guest speaker.

Download all slides in StarOffice 5.2 format or (XML) format. is a multi-platform Open Source office. Please download for free from the project website. This is the OpenSource release of what was previously known as StarOffice 5.2. StarOffice 6.0 is based on and is supported directly from Sun.

Table of contents

Slide 1 - introduction

Slide 2 - is an Open-source business

Slide 3 - A New Economy, or a New Product for the old Economy?

Slide 4 - The Three Rights

Slide 5 - Battling the old Industry

Slide 6 - Summary (from consultation paper)

Slide 7 - Summary (continued..)

Author: Russell McOrmond