Elections for City, Regional and School Board Representatives

This November there will be a very important election for municipal representatives. Previous elections have had a poor turnout as people have felt that municipal elections are not as important as provincial or federal elections. This is not the case.

As part of an ongoing strategy that serves to put financial concerns above many others, many responsibilities previously held by the higher levels of government are being transferred to the municipal level. At the same time the province is initiating forced amalgamations of cities and school boards. These new responsibilities, as well as the transitions, will be in the hands of the people elected this November.

Did you know that while we are a mixed provincial and federal Coop. that management and funding for our Coop is being transfered to the municipality? Did you realize that most issues relating to the environment and public safety are the responsibility of the region?

Did you know there are discussions of amalgamating Ottawa, Vanier, Rockcliffe, Cumberland, Gloucester, Nepean and Kanata into one big city (or 3 cities, or some other combination)? The health of our inner city will greatly depend on what happens here. This may not be easy if the forced amalgamation of Toronto (which happened against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of its residents) is any indication.

Did you know that the Ottawa and Carleton Boards of education will soon be going through a forced amalgamation? Even with the increased workload during the transition, the Trustees, our elected representatives, are not being paid by the province for the time that will need to be spent.

Please attend all candidates debates and find out how the candidates will handle the new responsibilities. Be an informed voter!

Our coop is home to a number of people in the social services, environmental and volunteer sectors who should get together during the election period. We might even wish to create a group that will meet regularly to keep involved in the upcoming months during these changes - we might wish to join similar groups in other coops.

If you are interested, please contact me: Russell McOrmond, Apartment #609, Ring/Mail Slot #81.

Neighborhood Child Safety

The city has blocked off Chapel St. between the beginning and end of Wiggins Private to provide a SAFER environment for our residents, many of which are children. Lack of enforcement , however, has actually increased the speed of vehicles to UNSAFE speeds. As a result, I have contacted the city and police to initiate and implement FINES in this area.