Structure of a new sustainable community network


This section proposes that the services of a community network be divided into three different organizational parts:

Distributed Community information
Information would be hosted on free-space payed for completely by independent sponsors. We already have a community managed news distribution system, and we already have a large number of providers and consultants willing to house community information on their WEB servers and host mailing lists for free. Since there is no centralized control of this information, no one organization can attempt to censor any other individual or organization. Essentially the community network becomes an open medium for community information that represents the entire community.

Community subsidized 'on-ramp' and training system.
Individuals and organizations who do not have the knowledge or money in order to get access to the online community would be subsidized by donations from those that are already part of the community. The services would come in the form of donations of time for training, donations of equipment, as well as donations of money. Phone lines for access to the community information, as well as the hardware required to allow users access could be managed by a number of different organizations.

Community Network umbrella organization.
This organization would be one that does not itself own or manage equipment, but would be comprised of many members of the Ottawa online community. This organization's purpose would be to try to obtain funding to pay for the on-ramp and training system, as well as being a place to manage the large information and volunteer base that would become available. It would try to get people in touch with each other in order to allow volunteers to be in contact with organizations that need their specific skill sets.

Russell McOrmond,
Last Modified: Dec 13, 1995