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This page will serve as an index to articles written with the purpose of connecting Canadian creators. We need to connect so that we can form common policy understanding and goals on copyright and other Canadian cultural policy.

Letters with Susan Crean

Note about software and file formats

These documents are created using OpenOffice.org (OOo) multi-platform standards based office suite. I author my documents in OOo and Susan uses Microsoft Office. I take her documents, load them in OOo and do a "save-as" in two standards based files formats: HTML and the OASIS open office XML.

HTML is a standard set by the World Wide Web consortium.

The OASIS open office XML is a standard being set by the OASIS Open Office XML Format Technical Committee. The reference implementation is the OpenOffice.org office productivity suite which is Free/Libre and Open Source Software. If interested in the public policy implications of this software and FLOSS, please take a look at the slides I made for a Real World Linux 2003 presentation titled Office Suite Productivity in Government.