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Submission to the 2009 Copyright consultation

From July 20 to September 13, 2009, the government held consultations on revisions to the Canadian copyright act. This process was documented and partly carried out via a website at http://copyrightconsultation.ca.

The following is my formal written submission to this process. The document was last updated on Friday, 11-Sep-2009 16:00:52 EDT

I made an earlier submission which was published on 2009-07-20 to get some ideas in early. A link was provided to the HTML version of my submission on this site (last checked Oct 20, 2009).

I also participated in the forums hosted by Nik Nanos (link to comment history). I do not expect this site to be archived long-term, so will attempt to keep copies of commentary stored elsewhere.

The following op-eds and postings were authored in the context of this consultation:

For more information on ongoing copyright reform in Canada, please join the Digital Copyright Canada forum.

Please also see:

Note about software:

If you are looking for a reader for the PDF files, I maintain a list of PDF reading/authoring software.

The OASIS open office XML is a standard being set by the OASIS Open Office XML Format Technical Committee. The reference implementation is the OpenOffice.org office productivity suite which is Free/Libre and Open Source Software. If interested in the public policy implications of this software and FLOSS, please take a look at the slides I made for a Real World Linux 2003 presentation titled Office Suite Productivity in Government.