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Access to Information Reply from Industry Canada

The following reply was sent by Industry Canada on March 8, 2005. Their file is A-2004-00246 if anyone wishes to make a similar request (Photocopy fees would be 385 pages @ $0.20 = $77.00).

It came with a CD with TIF files which were converted to PDF files. They are also being sent through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to make HTML or other plaintext versions available.

A specific note was attached:

Enclodes is a CD containing the records and a "Requester Report" which identifies the results of our review. An examination of the records has revealed that they contain some information which is exempt from disclosure under section 19(1) of the Act. A copy of that section is attached for your convenience.
The Access to Information Act, Article 19, was quoted.

See also: BLOG entry with request, announcement of reply, A Review of Software Patent Issues (2003) and Digital-copyright.ca's BLOG on Information/mental process patents.

The HTML and OASIS OpenDocument format files were created using OCR software.

FilenameFile formatsDescription
A0026639TIF PDF Request form (1 page)
A0026640TIF PDF HTML OpenDocument January 21, 2002 Draft Guidelines (18 pages)
A0026641TIF PDF HTML OpenDocument March 4, 2004 letter from IPIC (12 pages)
A0026642TIF PDF HTML OpenDocument2003/06/17 Draft Chapter 16 - Utility and Non-Statutory Subject Matter (7 pages)
A0026643TIF PDF HTML OpenDocument2003/06/17 DRAFT chapter 26 - Computer Implemented Inventions and Business Methods (16 pages)
A0026644TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentAugust 14, 2003 letter from IPIC (9 pages)
A0026645TIF PDF HTMLMarch 18, 2004 DRAFT Business and Computer related claims (52 pages)
A0026646TIF PDF HTML OpenDocument2004/4/16 Basic principles relevant to computer related or business method inventions (5 pages)
A0026647TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentComments written onto printout of Chapter 16 - Computer-implimented inventions from October 8. 2004 (21 pages)
A0026648TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentOctober 8. 2004 DRAFT of Chapter 12 - Utility and subject matter (10 pages)
A0026649TIF PDFOctober 8, 2004 - French version of Chapter 12 (10 pages)
A0026650TIF PDFNovember 14, 2004 -- letter from Smart & Biggar - Intellectual Property & Technology Law (8 pages)
A0026651TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentOctober 8, 2004 - French version of chapter 16 (24 pages)
A0026652TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentNovember 19, 2004 - letter from IPIC (18 pages)
A0026653TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentLetter from Peter K Wang from IBM Canada (12 pages)
A0026654TIF PDFNovember 30, 2004 - Chapter 12 (13 pages)
A0026655TIF PDFDecember 12, 2004 - Chapter 12 (17 pages)
A0026656TIF PDFDecember 2, 2004 - Chapter 12 - Utility and Subject matter (15 pages)
A0026657TIF PDFDecember 12, 2004 - Chapter 16 - Computer implemented Inventions (20 pages)
A0026658TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentDecember 12, 2004 - Chapter 16 (19 pages)
A0026659TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentDecember 12, 2004 - Chapter 12 - Utility and subject matter (16 pages)
A0026660TIF PDF HTML OpenDocumentEmail messages between various parties and CIPO (51 pages)