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Links to key groups I am involved in.
List of Canadian Federal Members of Parliament (MPs) I have met.

More links to sites I'm active on via my personal website.

Presenting the "I have 4 things in my hands" explanation of ICT property rights at BarCamp 2007 onMarch 31, 2007.

(Photo by Jason McLaren)
After doing the IT Property rights presentation for 5 years, I had the opportunity to give the presentation in front of the Bill C-32 special legislative committee. The music CD had been upgraded to a DVD set of Sanctuary season 2, and the CD player had been upgraded to my Google Nexus 1 "phone".

Public policy / presentations

Introduction, Technical Services , rates
Special offers: Get Legal - become Free! and the “Make it legal: don't litigate, use creative licensing” campaign, a modern answer to P2P file distribution.
I offer a range of technical services ranging from ISP virtual domain services (Email, WEB, DNS), co-location and system administration, to "commons-based peer production" public policy and business model analysis.

Open Systems, Free Software, and Why?
The methods and solutions I use in my business appear a bit non-traditional when compared to some of the more visible/legacy parts of the computer industry. This primer will give you an idea if my specialties are what you are looking for. To find out more about my own background, please look at my Home Page.

The FLORA.ca Weblog is the most active part of the site. As a primer, I have an Intellectual Economics Features section where I highlight specific articles. I am the author of a number of related articles.

What is Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)
A short article that tries to clarify some of the relevant terms.
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Primary (Home) Office

Russell McOrmond
305 Southcrest Private,
Ottawa, ON
K1V 2B7
Mobile Phone: (613) 262-1237 (Media queries welcome, but no phone solicitations)
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Part of South Keys Landing

Personal Home Page: http://www.flora.ca/russell/.